Bushey Eruv - Enriching Community Life

As with all projects of this kind, the setting up and maintenance of  the Eruv needs funding, and whilst we have the full support of the local religious authorities, most of the finances for the Eruv will be coming from those who benefit from the Eruv the most - the Bushey community.

The Eruv welcomes donations of any amount to go towards the annual maintenance costs, either as a one-off donation, or by a regular Standing Order donation (which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).

All those contributing £50 per year will receive a weekly advisory text or email showing the Eruv status. Those wishing to donate at least £100 per annum will be able to sponsor the Eruv for a specific week (e.g to mark a Simcha, Yahrzeit or other occasion).

Contact us to make a donation

We also accept donations by cheque and charity voucher. All cheques and charity vouchers should be made payable to Bushey Eruv Company Limited and we welcome cheque donations made through Gift Aid.

To make a one-off cheque/charity voucher payment please send to:

Bushey Eruv Company Limited
Devonshire House
582 Honeypot Lane